Humans interact in complex ecosystems similar to those found in nature. The well-being of the whole is dependent on the well-being of each individual. 3 Consulting works with leaders to create the conditions for people to flourish within places of work.

Our Mission

To guide people and organizations through times of change by:

CONNECTING through community

CREATING through conversation

CHANGING through people

Our Values

Relationships matter

Conversation is critical

Community is the answer

Who we are

Roxanne Pals leads 3 Consulting with a combination of unique education, experiences, and deep compassion. With more than 35 years working in areas including health care leadership and culture change consulting, she applies approaches to change with great thoughtfulness for people.

Organizations are drowning in data but starved for meaningful information. Roxanne is a meaning-maker. She sees patterns across an organization and draws on vast knowledge of principles in the sciences of caring, healing, design, and coaching to help you move forward.

Our work is best done through partnerships with you and others. Depending on your needs, Roxanne will pull in a team of human-centered design practitioners with diverse expertise who can support you in specific areas. 

Roxanne Pals

Why we exist

Going through change can feel erratic and overwhelming when you’re in the middle of it. A simple request or one small problem can suddenly trigger big emotions that increase tension within teams and further strain the organization. During peak turmoil, your top talent is tempted to leave, putting even more pressure on you and your organization.

As a leader, you invest everything into your company—and this means caring about your employees. You see how they struggle through change, and you spend increasing hours making sure everyone can keep up with demands. The cycle of disruption can quickly lead to burnout for everyone—including you.

Thoughtful planning and tending to the internal psychological process of the transition can change something that feels like this…

…into something that feels like this.


We achieve this shift through an intentional focus on people. It involves integrating the 9 Core Elements of Flourishing for yourself, your teams, and your organization. The concepts may seem simple, but how you integrate them into your culture depends on the needs, structures, and vision of each organization.

9 Core elements of flourishing

How we partner

3 Consulting is the calm in the chaos of change. We listen first and then help you identify patterns and apply the right elements in the right way—always with a focus on people and your future.

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We link people to each other; to greater purpose; to mission, vision, and goals; and to impact by facilitating conversations that matter. We start with these questions: Who are we? What are we capable of? Where do we most want to go?

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We help you establish a process of “creating with” by building networks of trust and commitment that hold everyone together as they scan conditions, listen to stakeholder needs and desires, and create the future together.

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Be it chosen or thrust upon you, change takes thoughtful planning, heavy lifting, and the right tools for the job—the most important of which is changing hearts and minds to move with you. Our toolkit is weighty; our compassion is vast.

Flourishing Together

Join the conversation to learn and explore how we flourish in change. You’ll receive an occasional email offering ideas and tools you can apply.

Flourishing Together

Join the conversation to learn and explore how we flourish in change. You’ll receive an occasional email offering ideas and tools you can apply.

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